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Monday, 28 May 2012

Laptop LCD Screen Related Problems, Possible Causes and Possible Solutions

I will like you to know that even the best laptops can sometimes encounter problems. When these issues arise, it is often difficult to tell what may be causing the problem. Here, we will look at various problems related to laptop displays and offer some possible solutions to help you avoid costly repair.

PROBLEM 1:  Laptop Display is Black
POSSIBLE CAUSES:  Bad connection cable

Sunday, 27 May 2012

ABOUT LAPTOP SCREEN (How Laptop Screen Works)


This is the display unit of the portable computer, A flat LCD or plasma screens that uses a liquid compound having a polar molecular structure, sandwiched between two

ABOUT PORTABLE COMPUTERS (Laptops, Notebook and Palmtop)

First and foremost i will like us to know that laptop comes in various brands with varying models, shapes, sizes and style. They are gradually phasing out the old desktop style computers.

PORTABLE COMPUTERS: Laptops, Notebook and Palmtop

Laptops belong to a class of computer (Data Processing Device) called portable computers which represents smaller personal computers that runs on either batteries or AC power,

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